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The New Face of Homelessness: Young Children and Young Families

Families with children constitute the fastest growing segment of the homeless population nationally and locally. The State of Utah's Comprehensive Report on Homelessness for 2013 reports that homeless persons in families account for 46% of all homelessness in Utah, and house 1Salt Lake County represents the largest population of homelessness in the State at 70%, and that school-age children experiencing homelessness has increased overall by 36% since 2009.

Unfortunately, family homelessness happens far too often. When families, who are barely getting by, stumble and have no resources, homelessness is a real and frightening possibility. These families need help.

The Family Promise - Salt Lake is an interfaith alliance whose mission is to help homeless families achieve lasting self-sufficiency by providing safe and hospitable shelter with the help of local congregations and offering intensive case management support both during and following an episode of homelessness.

Family Promise - Salt Lake is an Affiliate of Family Promise National

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