Staff Changes

We are excited to introduce our new Family Promise staff members. Meet our new Executive Director Jeff Houghton

Jeff Houghton

Meet our new Case Manager Jess Keithly

Jess Keithly

They are great new employees to our program. They are excited to help our families and our program.

Celebrating 20 Years

2015 was our 20th Anniversary, and we were honored to celebrate our many successes over the years, lifting more than 800 families out of poverty and homelessness!

Family Promise’s Mission: “An Interfaith Alliance Helping Homeless Families Achieve Lasting Self-Sufficiency.”

Family Promise – Salt Lake is a non-profit, interfaith, non-proselytizing, organization that provides Shelter, Case Management and Housing services to homeless families. But more than just offering families a safe and supported environment away from the trauma of homelessness, Family Promise strives to facilitate lasting income and housing stability for the families we serve.

The State of Utah’s Comprehensive Report on Homelessness for 2015 found that homeless families account for 42% of all homelessness, and that the total number of school children living in motels, shelters or places not meant for habitation increased by 13% from the previous year. Which means that over 6,000 individuals in families, mostly children, are living out of motels, staying in shelters, or worse, sleeping in cars or abandoned buildings.

Family Promise has the volunteers and infrastructure in place to meet this demand, but we are always looking for new partners to help sustain our efforts as well as improve our services. Should you entertain a collaborative relationship with Family Promise, your investment will complete the funding we need to fully implement our annual programming and help fulfill our mission.

Family Promise works to engage the faith communities to shelter, feed and nurture homeless families, by committing their facilities and volunteers a rotating basis throughout the year. During the year, over 2,600 volunteers will provide over 15,000 volunteer hours. By diverting homeless families from more costly interventions (motels, traditional shelters), the Family Promise model provides a more humane, un-duplicated, cost-effective, hands-on community-based approach to homelessness. Currently our Management/Fundraising Overhead is only 5%!

2016 Family Promise Fact Sheet